Breach Catalog

Iris® Identity and Cyber Protection’s Breach Catalog is an easy-to-use interactive tool that allows customers the ability to search for known data breaches. With Breach Catalog, customers can see what consumer data has been exposed, opt-in for email notifications on future company-specific breaches, and receive identity protection tips & best practices to help minimize their risk of compromise.

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An interactive tool that gives customers control

In an era in which data breaches have become the norm, keeping up with the latest ones can be dizzying. Despite the regularity of breaches, many victims still struggle to determine the proper next steps to reduce their risk of falling victim to identity fraud.

With Breach Catalog, your customers can:



Search for known data breaches via our easy-to-use interactive tool



View details related to a specific data breach, including the type of consumer data that was exposed



Opt-in for email notifications on future breaches related to a particular company or organization


Receive Tips

Get identity protection tips & best practices to safeguard against the negative effects of any data breach

Why Breach Catalog?

With over 300 million individuals impacted by data compromises in 2020 alone1, odds are some of your customers were impacted by these widespread events. What’s more, the negative effects of a data breach can be far-reaching as the exposed data may be sold on the dark web, causing unwanted consequences such as identity fraud or fraudulent account activity. With 50% of consumers stating they wouldn’t know where to begin to protect themselves from identity theft or cybercrime2, Breach Catalog gives your customers the information they're seeking to help mitigate their risk of further compromise. Provided to all identity protection portal users, this interactive tool helps your customers stay up-to-date with the latest data breach news while also sharing educational resources to help them navigate the evolving cyber landscape.

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2. 2020 ID Theft & Cybercrime Research, Generali Global Assistance, Benenson Strategy Group

Elevating Your Business

More than 50% of consumers say that are likely to purchase identity theft or cyber protection in the next two years2. Offering comprehensive identity & cyber protection services not only positions you as a trusted advisor, but it also provides immediate and ongoing positive touchpoints with your customers. Moreover, these touchpoints allow you additional opportunities to increase engagement and deliver high-quality value – leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

And while traditional monitoring tools are important, Breach Catalog provides your customers immediate, powerful, and detailed feedback when they need it. Not to mention 24/7/365 access to our U.S.-based certified Resolution Specialists for assistance in mitigating their risk.

Savvy businesses are already meeting their customers’ identity protection needs. Why aren't you?